The Traffic tail is a well-known digital marketing company in Delhi that was established to support budding brands to make their place in the digital space. The company has set new records in the digital news industry by helping local reporters in setting their news applications. 

The coronavirus crisis has substantially augmented the consumption of news. Due to lockdown, the consumption of printed newspapers has fallen and people prefer digital sources to get the right news. As a result, people who never thought of entering this industry have stepped inside. The traffic tail helped local publishers, journalists to set their applications and websites. Many-a-times these small reports or publishers go to big publishing teams with the news of their area but their efforts go in vain. As these publishing houses do not bother publishing their news even after checking its reliability and relevancy. 

The company entered the digital news industry to provide a platform to these local publishers, journalists to develop their news portals or application. The primary goal of the traffic tail is to satiate its customers the company makes sure that they are not fueling any source that is going to spread the wrong information. With this policy of serving the best to readers as well as online publishers, the company has set new records. They have worked for 100+ news portals and are currently working on many projects in the industry. 

A news website or portal needs unending technical support. The company provides unmatched technical support to their clients. Setting a news portal requires thorough research like any other business. The publisher needs to know about the tastes, preferences and interests of people in their area. If a publisher fails to gather such information, a traffic tail arranges for them. The team of experts knows to research well and create your news portal. Apart from developing your news portal or application, they help the portal to rank better. 

The traffic tail provides a 360-degree solution to all your digital problems. The company can prepare a marketing strategy to grow your business. They provide all kinds of digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing Services, Content Marketing, content writing. The idea is to serve the digital news industry with high-quality services. The company provides a cost-effective solution as they started with a motive to support budding brands. The company helped brands to multiply their earnings by curating effective marketing strategies. People who always dreamt of having their news portal and making money out of it should reach out to the team. The traffic tail is a full-fledged digital marketing company that is actively serving the news industry and setting new records every day.

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